Tahg No Longer Working On Minecraft


Tahg No Longer Working On Minecraft

In a recent twitter post, Tahg made a post that read: “I am no longer working on Minecraft. Anyone looking for a Java software developer? Send me a reply and we can get in touch”. But we all know what really happened. Tahg did what most poor people do when they suddently get a great opportunity and dont know how to handle the sucess. Tahg said something like “”Mojang, I'm the best , you should give me all your money” Then Notch said “no way man! We will only give you 1 million, no more” Then tahg said “now I'm leaving!”

Then Notch whispered to Jeb: give him an offer he can't refuse

So a big firefight broke loose, Tahg barely escaped but while Notch was wielding his AK-47 he overshot his target, hitting a conveniently placed explosive barrel. This set off a chain explosion causing great damage to the office and burning Notch on the top of his head. Coincidentally, this is why they had to move to the new office AND why Notch needs to wear hats in public (otherwise you can see the scars).

After the dust settled, Tahg pieced himself together and decided he wouldn't like working with those crazy indies in Stockholm. They're too aggressive and too unpredictable. So he decided to quit Mojang – filing the official resignation form (a vague twitter message). The end.