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I almost nuked my (other) website!

Oh. My. God.

I have a site that, not like this one, is essential for an organization. It can't afford more than a couple of hours downtime. So when, today, I decided to nuke all the old drupal files (see post) and start properly using the new wordpress site, as you can imagine I went about it in a very careful manner (as the site was still live and there would be hell to pay if I fucked this site up - imagine replacing the ring main while people are watching an important program on TV).

I'd tested the new wordpress site time and again and it worked absolutely fine - as you'll know if you read my other post, I'd managed to even import all the old content (using my own custom mysql commands and not a plugin :D), and was stored in a folder called 'wordpress'.

Web provider nightmares, and drupal

Right, where do I start with this one?!

So to begin with, I'll let you know that for the past two years I've had a site running (using hosted hosting btw, ie not my own server), using Drupal as it's platform. I've recently discovered wordpress as a great alternative to drupal and find it much easier to use, and so had the idea to migrate this site to Wordpress. Now take note that this site has a fair few users and can't afford any major downtime, so to 'upgrade' it to Wordpress, I'd have to first make the wordpress site while the Drupal one's running, and then replace the drupal files once (...)

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RT @LGBToryCanada: Robert #Mugabe, who claims 'filthy' gay people should be castrated, named #WHO Goodwill Ambassador