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New PC, New Blogging Style

This is the first official post in my new 'journal-style' blogging method: write a post after most days, detailing what exactly I've been doing.

So, to start with, today I...didn't do that much. Lol. Well, I sorted out alot of computer problems, as per usual. In fact I'm sorting out a computer problem right now. I'll talk about that first:

Yesterday I accidentally-on-purpose acquired my eighth personal computer (well, I say 'my' as in 'in my house'), it's a reasonably-modern but lightweight PC that used to have Windows Vista Home Basic on it (which is a synonym for dog shit).
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Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook

We've had a Samsung NC10 netbook for a while now. It came with Windows XP (yes this is 2010), obviously I wiped that out with Windows 7 the day we got it.

Yesterday I decided to give Ubuntu 10.04 a go, as Windows 7 was bogged down in shit (viruses! fake antivirus software that installs trojans! you name it!...). Well, I'd been wanting to put some form of Linux on it for a while anyway (as I personally prefer it to Windows).

Ubuntu 10.04 runs astoundingly well on it (*much* faster than Windows), in fact I'm posting this from Ubuntu. Here's a screenshot just for proof :D

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