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Banjo! And Riots

Okay, so against my will I started going to this Summer University Futureversity course at Mile End where we've been learning how to play sorta-folk music on unfamiliar instruments. I guess I do actually really enjoy it, so I admit that maybe I should do more stuff against my will... sometimes.

I started out on the Banjo, which is (one of) the best instrument(s) ever made. I mean, it's even more portable than a guitar and sounds better! It's not as portable as a violin, but it's cooler. IMO. Maybe my judgements are a little biased as I've only just started with the Banjo, as opposed to the (...)

What I Did Today

For the past few weeks we've (ie, us at MTR) have been working on an OEL TV programme focussing on issues around education...and, well, today we did the programme and I think it went pretty well. Initial concerns were not enough people, but it turned out that everyone there was interested in speaking (luckily), so we had more than enough debate material :)

It went up on live stream as we were making it, but will be edited before going online (I think). Anyway, I had great fun, I was operating the roving camera, the only bad thing was watching that clip of 11-year-old me for the umpteenth ti(...)

Just did a violin concert

As you can see from my website's header image, one of my hobbies / interests is playing the violin. I sometimes attend a youth orchestra called the Hackney Borough Youth Orchestra (HBYO) which meets up a few times each year to do a 3-4 day course and concert at the end. The past couple of days we've been meeting and rehearsing a few pieces, and today we did the concert. This concert's theme seemed to be film music, as you'll see:

The pieces we played were, in playing order:

Richard Strauss - 2001 Space Odyssey
Music from the Thunderbirds film
Dvorak - Symphony 9, first movement (only(...)

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