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Server Upgrade

My server's official date of first functionality was some time in spring, maybe summer, of 2009.

It's now about to undergo undergone a huge overhaul in terms of system specifications. Read more to find out...

Almost killed my server

It turns out it's easier to kill something (almost) with software than with hardware! At least for me it is :)

I replaced the ageing and *crap* "450W" no-name PSU from the server a few days ago with a great Corsair one (Corsair are the best), after a scare about crashing every few days (ie. if I'd left the PSU in there, the whole thing would have blown up before long).

So, with all running smoothly again, I decided to do a little server smashing with PHP and GD.....

Well, that wasn't my original plan. My original plan was to build something with PHP that would generate a visual graph (...)

Server Troubles

Just a quick update.

For those of you that have noticed the downtime this site's been getting, sorry about this. It's because at my house (which is where the/my server is situated), we've been getting a new boiler installed, which partly involves fiddling with the ring mains and tripping out RCDs, which of course would cut the power to the server, so I've been forced to shut it off a few times (it'll happen again tomorrow).

As for the post's title, it's in reference to just now when I had a mini-saga of panic while trying to get the server to boot again after turning it off. It wouldn't (...)

Web provider nightmares, and drupal

Right, where do I start with this one?!

So to begin with, I'll let you know that for the past two years I've had a site running (using hosted hosting btw, ie not my own server), using Drupal as it's platform. I've recently discovered wordpress as a great alternative to drupal and find it much easier to use, and so had the idea to migrate this site to Wordpress. Now take note that this site has a fair few users and can't afford any major downtime, so to 'upgrade' it to Wordpress, I'd have to first make the wordpress site while the Drupal one's running, and then replace the drupal files once (...)

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