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Time is rapidly diminishing...

Cornwall got cancelled. If there were a god of the weather, I would have to blame him, however the “god” of the weather is actually intricate series of partially-predictable physical patterns of air currents, pressure and temperature patterns, which sadly do not value me above the rest of humanity, and in fact do not value humanity at all.

Nevertheless, the sunshine was favourable in the other side of the country - the East - so we instead set off for a town named Stiffkey in north Norfolk, with our bikes and camping equipment. Apart from a few discussions (cough cough wheeze, cough), i(...)

What I Did Today

For the past few weeks we've (ie, us at MTR) have been working on an OEL TV programme focussing on issues around education...and, well, today we did the programme and I think it went pretty well. Initial concerns were not enough people, but it turned out that everyone there was interested in speaking (luckily), so we had more than enough debate material :)

It went up on live stream as we were making it, but will be edited before going online (I think). Anyway, I had great fun, I was operating the roving camera, the only bad thing was watching that clip of 11-year-old me for the umpteenth ti(...)

Buddhist Wheel of Life

Me and a few friends made this for our religious studies course.

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RT @LGBToryCanada: Robert #Mugabe, who claims 'filthy' gay people should be castrated, named #WHO Goodwill Ambassador