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Back from Gomera!

--- UPDATE ---
I've sorted out all the photos now, you can access them using the pictures menu, or by clicking here.

I got back three days ago from my two-week holiday in La Gomera in the Canary Islands. It turned out to be a lovely place, much nicer than the metropolitan parts of Tenerife (which we had to go via, as there is no sizeable airport in La Gomera).

For the first week we stayed in a town called Valle Gran Rey - we were staying in a house rented out by an english woman living there. We went on lots of long walks, one of which was down a 500m 1-in-1 slope. Of course the views w(...)

Birthday Presents

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to Fela,
Happy Birthday to me!!!

It was my birthday 3 days ago and wow, I got some WICKED presents! First of all, I just managed to squeeze the Canon 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens out of my savings, and I also recieved the 'plastic fantastic' 50mm f/1.8 large aperture lens as well as a great tripod (not manfrotto, but still, well built it seems).

Attached are some test pictures done with the new lenses/tripod. Some of them required long exposures (more than 2 seconds), using narrow apertures in very low light. This is where the tr(...)


I really really *really* want some Canon lenses, so the topic of this post is money. [Canon lenses are a synonym for expensive things].

On the Arcator site mentioned in the post below (permalink), I've added a 'Donate' button which, when clicked, donates money to my dad's paypal account. OK, I'll rewind a bit:
The donate button is because the server (my home server) uses electricity and bandwidth, so I've decided to ask the people who use it to consider donating a little now and then (and for the admins to pay up, pay up, pay by the month! XD). My arrangement with the billpayer (aka my dad(...)

Feeling awesome

Awesome news:

first of all, my dad ordered a Canon EOS 550D camera. We've been thinking about getting a camera as a family-present for ages, and now we've finally ordered it. It's going to come with two lenses: the run-of-the-mill 18-55mm, as well as a more telephoto style 55-200mm lens. Obviously, we can expand on that in years to come. Some stuff about the 550D:

DSLR, obviously;
Shoots Full-HD video (1920x1080) at 30fps;
has a stereo external mic input;
18 megapixels;
1.6x image sensor factor - ie. 1.6x smaller than a 35mm frame;

I hope you can see from this lis(...)

La Gomera 2011

Check the gallery for my actual pictures from Gomera!

Merry Christmas...

Here are some pics of La Gomera, where I'll be going on holiday in about 1 month :3

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