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So, for the first time in my life I can say that I have installed Gentoo on my PC!

Was it worth the compile time? NO.

Am I glad I did it? Well, yes. It was an experience in the field of OSes in the 'compile everything' mentality. Maybe I'll try slackware next (I have no excuse not to what with LVM!).

Actually, it wasn't particularly hard to get running. Not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I actually had a functioning system with openssh running within a few hours - not including the time it took to convert Arch to the new LVM system (which is now all up and running) - in fact(...)

New PC, New Blogging Style

This is the first official post in my new 'journal-style' blogging method: write a post after most days, detailing what exactly I've been doing.

So, to start with, today I...didn't do that much. Lol. Well, I sorted out alot of computer problems, as per usual. In fact I'm sorting out a computer problem right now. I'll talk about that first:

Yesterday I accidentally-on-purpose acquired my eighth personal computer (well, I say 'my' as in 'in my house'), it's a reasonably-modern but lightweight PC that used to have Windows Vista Home Basic on it (which is a synonym for dog shit).
Of course (...)

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