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Time is rapidly diminishing...

Cornwall got cancelled. If there were a god of the weather, I would have to blame him, however the “god” of the weather is actually intricate series of partially-predictable physical patterns of air currents, pressure and temperature patterns, which sadly do not value me above the rest of humanity, and in fact do not value humanity at all.

Nevertheless, the sunshine was favourable in the other side of the country - the East - so we instead set off for a town named Stiffkey in north Norfolk, with our bikes and camping equipment. Apart from a few discussions (cough cough wheeze, cough), i(...)

Banjo! And Riots

Okay, so against my will I started going to this Summer University Futureversity course at Mile End where we've been learning how to play sorta-folk music on unfamiliar instruments. I guess I do actually really enjoy it, so I admit that maybe I should do more stuff against my will... sometimes.

I started out on the Banjo, which is (one of) the best instrument(s) ever made. I mean, it's even more portable than a guitar and sounds better! It's not as portable as a violin, but it's cooler. IMO. Maybe my judgements are a little biased as I've only just started with the Banjo, as opposed to the (...)


Listen to this :)

New JSON based music widget

This has been superseded by a new rewrite. See relevant blog post.

If you looked to your left, you'd see a new 'Random songs' block. This isn't a default drupal block, it's one I programmed today at much effort! OK, admittedly I'm using the jPlayer jQuery based software to actually play the music, BUT I programmed the rest (ie. generating the random songs without reloading the page, and rendering them into the playlist using jPlayer's API).

Basically this is how it works:

There's a PHP script on the server which queries from a MySQL database containing songs - it generates 4 random so(...)


I've been working on someone's music video for the past three or four weeks. It's quite a complicated song, featuring 10 people, mainly about Christmas and the people who've died getting stabbed/shot/etc. in hackney (called 'Still in our Hearts').

Well, I've had the role of editing it (as well as support filming), the deadline for release is christmas eve, so it's been quite stressful - especially as we can only really edit on Saturdays. However I finished editing today and it's final =)

The edit job was pretty complicated aswell, we used all sorts of effects, like snow falling (we got t(...)

Life, the Universe and Everything

Just found this while looking through an old hard drive.

I'm the one with the babyface! :')
Made in 2003.

Must listen

Edit: this music is shit.

Deep Focus: Heavy metal (tgunn remix) (wait for it, takes a while to get into)

Collie Buddz: Come Around

Dream: Work It Dubstep remix

Who knows who this is?

Only my dearest friends know who this is. So, to the-person-who-this-is, no worries :)

Just did a violin concert

As you can see from my website's header image, one of my hobbies / interests is playing the violin. I sometimes attend a youth orchestra called the Hackney Borough Youth Orchestra (HBYO) which meets up a few times each year to do a 3-4 day course and concert at the end. The past couple of days we've been meeting and rehearsing a few pieces, and today we did the concert. This concert's theme seemed to be film music, as you'll see:

The pieces we played were, in playing order:

Richard Strauss - 2001 Space Odyssey
Music from the Thunderbirds film
Dvorak - Symphony 9, first movement (only(...)

A whole lot of tech and not a lot of thought

Recently I've been getting really into web development and design (although more development), as you can probably see if you read the rest of this blog. Something I've learned about it is that there are MANY different pathways to go down for any project for each task you want to accomplish, and it is an art to choose all the right tech to make your app, well I won't say 'free of bugs', but at least 'less buggy'.

I guess the cause of this is different people, making different browsers, different people making different technologies for different browsers, hacking them to work with other bro(...)

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