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New Sound System and Monitor!

Recently I've been upping my career, so to speak. I've finished the Bikemapper job. You can access the full, up-and-running site, here: Don't mind the slow database server - not my problem ;-) [well, it is, because I don't like slow websites, but it's not my responsibility].

New job prospects include a possible rewrite of, the film workshop thingamebob that I go to every once in a while. Should be easy enough - or at least, easier than the last job, which included a custom Openlayers implementation (well, I wasn't going to go down (...)

Mapping with Drupal

Last Saturday I was offered a job paying £500 to rebuild the mapping part of an organization's website in order to make it more fit for the purpose - and, well, plain better.

Update: it actually turns out that he wants me to build a new website that mirrors the purpose of the aforementioned site, but for his personal site.

Until Monday, I knew next to nothing about anything, when it came to maps, that is. I didn't know where to get the data, how to implement it, none of that.

So, I did some research. The guy employing me to do the work said he was being sponsored by Ordnance Survey, (...)

DofE Bronze Expedition

I'm doing my duke of edinburgh's bronze award at the moment with a couple of friends, two days ago I went on my expedition. We went to a place called 'Biggin Hill' (which is technically inside greater london even though there are fields and grass and stuff), the walk wasn't particularly long but we managed to get lost quite a few times (there were five of us in total)...not impressive seeing as we had detailed OS maps, compasses, etc. :/. Not to mention a few big arguments...

The terrain was pretty hilly but alright I guess, the first day didn't really have any hills but it rained a bit, th(...)

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RT @LGBToryCanada: Robert #Mugabe, who claims 'filthy' gay people should be castrated, named #WHO Goodwill Ambassador