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New Sound System and Monitor!

Recently I've been upping my career, so to speak. I've finished the Bikemapper job. You can access the full, up-and-running site, here: Don't mind the slow database server - not my problem ;-) [well, it is, because I don't like slow websites, but it's not my responsibility].

New job prospects include a possible rewrite of, the film workshop thingamebob that I go to every once in a while. Should be easy enough - or at least, easier than the last job, which included a custom Openlayers implementation (well, I wasn't going to go down (...)

What I Did Today

For the past few weeks we've (ie, us at MTR) have been working on an OEL TV programme focussing on issues around education...and, well, today we did the programme and I think it went pretty well. Initial concerns were not enough people, but it turned out that everyone there was interested in speaking (luckily), so we had more than enough debate material :)

It went up on live stream as we were making it, but will be edited before going online (I think). Anyway, I had great fun, I was operating the roving camera, the only bad thing was watching that clip of 11-year-old me for the umpteenth ti(...)

Birthday Presents

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to Fela,
Happy Birthday to me!!!

It was my birthday 3 days ago and wow, I got some WICKED presents! First of all, I just managed to squeeze the Canon 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens out of my savings, and I also recieved the 'plastic fantastic' 50mm f/1.8 large aperture lens as well as a great tripod (not manfrotto, but still, well built it seems).

Attached are some test pictures done with the new lenses/tripod. Some of them required long exposures (more than 2 seconds), using narrow apertures in very low light. This is where the tr(...)

Feeling awesome

Awesome news:

first of all, my dad ordered a Canon EOS 550D camera. We've been thinking about getting a camera as a family-present for ages, and now we've finally ordered it. It's going to come with two lenses: the run-of-the-mill 18-55mm, as well as a more telephoto style 55-200mm lens. Obviously, we can expand on that in years to come. Some stuff about the 550D:

DSLR, obviously;
Shoots Full-HD video (1920x1080) at 30fps;
has a stereo external mic input;
18 megapixels;
1.6x image sensor factor - ie. 1.6x smaller than a 35mm frame;

I hope you can see from this lis(...)


I've been working on someone's music video for the past three or four weeks. It's quite a complicated song, featuring 10 people, mainly about Christmas and the people who've died getting stabbed/shot/etc. in hackney (called 'Still in our Hearts').

Well, I've had the role of editing it (as well as support filming), the deadline for release is christmas eve, so it's been quite stressful - especially as we can only really edit on Saturdays. However I finished editing today and it's final =)

The edit job was pretty complicated aswell, we used all sorts of effects, like snow falling (we got t(...)

Life, the Universe and Everything

Just found this while looking through an old hard drive.

I'm the one with the babyface! :')
Made in 2003.

Who knows who this is?

Only my dearest friends know who this is. So, to the-person-who-this-is, no worries :)

Trailer for the POWER PUNKS movie

Spent the day making a trailer/teaser for the Power Punks movie by Michael Adebayo.

See if you can work out who it is under all that makeup/tranny wear! XD

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