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Updated Fan controller, and SSD

OK, so I haven't managed to implement my fan controller yet. Instead of suffering the noise, I've been running with just one fan at the back. Temps seem okay. In the mean time I've been developing a concept for an updated design, so when I do eventually build it, it will be awesomeTM.

I have also bought a Corsair Force 3 SSD.

There is a problem where it seems to disappear from the BIOS randomly after the PC being on (or on standby) for too long. Strange. I've updated the firmware to 1.3 and it hasn't happened since (touch wood).

Two way fan controller

This is a circuit I designed yesterday. It incorporates the theory that if you connect a DC fan's ground to a +5V terminal, and its positive to a +12V, the voltage going through it will be 12 - 5 = +7V. This of course renders the fan nice and quiet but still functional, as opposed to tornado-like 12V or ineffective 5V.

My problem with using fans at a constant 7V though, would be the need to be able to turn them up to full speed, in case the PC overheats for whatever reason (sunny day, heavy load for long periods of time, ...). This is where the switches come in: most of the time, all of the(...)

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