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Started on a Maths degree

Read on to find out more about my experience in the first term of Maths at Bristol, 2014!

Cambridge STEP Easter School

During the past week, I attended an Easter school set by Cambridge university for maths applicants from not-so well off backgrounds (like my own, apparently), ostensibly in order to help them with preparation for STEP exams this summer, but (in my case at least) mainly to have fun doing maths and talking to current undergraduate students there. It took place in Churchill college, as well as the Centre for Mathematical Sciences nearby (a strange, parabolic building complex dug into the ground). About a hundred other applicants were there, from various different colleges within Cambridge, and it(...)

Updates since starting college

This is going to be a long post. Many major events have occurred in my life since writing the last one.

My first year at college went well, mostly. Academically it was a huge success; I could not be happier with my AS results (other than the science practicals, which I got Bs at). Socially, since starting A2s I have been speaking to more people and been less tied down in my studies. This is partly because I have realised that A levels really are not that hard. Mathematics is a subject which has been exposed to me in a totally different way from what I was ever used to - but not by the A lev(...)

Started College

In the past month, more has happened than - I would say - the whole of 2011. Nope, I'm not talking about academic achievements / goals (October would be a bit early don't you think?); I am talking about my life in general.

The good news is that the change in life-experience-quality is positive, with a rather large modulus. Read on to find out more...


If you read, or have read this blog in the past, you are probably thinking one of a few things:

Is Fela dead?
Has he gone to live in a cave with no internet access?
Does he not give a shit?
All of the above?

Well, none of those statements are quite true - except, perhaps, for the third, heh. The point is, I've neglected the site for over half a year and have only now got round to carrying out two jobs that desperately needed doing: firstly, revamping and updating the site to Drupal 7 - yes, the new look is more than just a theme - second, of course, to update the blog with this post. (...)

Buddhist Wheel of Life

Me and a few friends made this for our religious studies course.

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