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Random songs Drupal module

If you look to your right, you should see a little widget titled "Random Songs". This block has always existed as a matter of fact, but not in its current state. The current version is a total re-write, and rather than being based on a hacky <iframe> element, it's a custom Drupal module.

In case you're still interested, click the title of this post...

Revamped the site

I completely revamped this site from the ground up, hope you like the changes.

Basically I was operating a wordpress-based site before, as I hadn't been enlightened to the greatness of Drupal. Drupal kicks Wordpress' arse, seriously.

Two major changes are that I've completely changed the picture gallery, and I'm now hosting the videos directly from my server (instead of youtube) [IE users can fuck off, HTML5 only I'm afraid], using flash for now. Not sure how long this'll last...if I actually get any sort of traffic I'm (obviously) gonna have to go back to youtube - I've only got a domes(...)

Web provider nightmares, and drupal

Right, where do I start with this one?!

So to begin with, I'll let you know that for the past two years I've had a site running (using hosted hosting btw, ie not my own server), using Drupal as it's platform. I've recently discovered wordpress as a great alternative to drupal and find it much easier to use, and so had the idea to migrate this site to Wordpress. Now take note that this site has a fair few users and can't afford any major downtime, so to 'upgrade' it to Wordpress, I'd have to first make the wordpress site while the Drupal one's running, and then replace the drupal files once (...)

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