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Dunwich Dynamo

On the 12th of July at 8 pm, I set off on a 120 mile, overnight cycle journey with about 2,000 other riders, called the Dunwich Dynamo. The route took us from London Fields in Hackney, up to a small village called Dunwich, on the Suffolk coast. It was by far the longest cycle journey I had ever done non-stop (I cycled the Thames in 2008, but that was over five days). I found the experience of riding together with so many other people to be quite energising, and didn't become tired until the last 20 or so miles - by that point we were all very spread out anyway. I went with some family friends who then gave me a lift in their car back to Diss, where I caught the train home.

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Windfall in the form of a bicycle

By some sort of magical stroke of luck, my dad found today a Cannondale Touring Bicycle worth about £700 second hand (>£1000 new), CHUCKED OUT outside someone's house!!!

For reference, this is a bicycle:

And this is a cannondale:

See the difference?

We're selling it on gum tree. =P(...)

Off on a cycle ride

I'm off on a 70 mile cycle ride from London to Walton-on-the-Naze...couldn't get to sleep till about 2.00AM last night so hope I'm ok! Well I'm buzzing with energy at the moment so I should be.

OK so I went on the cycle ride, it was epic! The first stretch out from where I live (Hackney) all the way to East Hanningfield (near Chelmsford) was fine apart from taking a few wrong turnings around Ilford area, but then we had an 'incident' (flat tyre). Ended up needing a spare inner tube, didn't have any, then we met these other two people on bicycles; this was extremely lucky as they ha(...)

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