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Network Overhaul

After becoming more and more frustrated with my network's lack of organization, I decided to use static IPs. Well, static for any devices that don't change. Ten addresses ( are reserved for static devices, and the DHCP server in my router allocates addresses dynamically above that.

In addition to this, file transfers have become annoyingly slow it seems, and it is time for an upgrade. The actual network in my house is rather complicated, with many devices utilising wireless and wired connections. What I really want is to be able to transfer files to/from the NAS and other des(...)

New PC... sort of.


After much fiddling with Linux, trying to get nVidia to play nice with it, I have decided to go with Windows 7. Unfortunately, the state of nVidia drivers in Linux is a shambles.

So, without further ado:

My PC is quite overpowered. That is to say, I don't need or want two large monitors or a quad core CPU, or 8GB of RAM, or a mid-range AMD graphics card in order to browse the web. The screens are excellent for development, as is the CPU power to some extent. The RAM and GPU are extremely helpful when photo editing; the RAM when running virtual machines too. The GPU is (...)

Server Upgrade

My server's official date of first functionality was some time in spring, maybe summer, of 2009.

It's now about to undergo undergone a huge overhaul in terms of system specifications. Read more to find out...

Spelling mistake detector

This is what I coded last night, an engine for search suggestions.

Believe it or not, the table being searched contains only four rows (now at least), but the goal was to be able to make awful spelling mistakes and still get matches. I think I've 80% succeeded in doing so - there are still some optimizations that could be made, I'm sure.

Read more to check the code!

Updated Fan controller, and SSD

OK, so I haven't managed to implement my fan controller yet. Instead of suffering the noise, I've been running with just one fan at the back. Temps seem okay. In the mean time I've been developing a concept for an updated design, so when I do eventually build it, it will be awesomeTM.

I have also bought a Corsair Force 3 SSD.

There is a problem where it seems to disappear from the BIOS randomly after the PC being on (or on standby) for too long. Strange. I've updated the firmware to 1.3 and it hasn't happened since (touch wood).

CFEngine, Puppet, NAT and RAM

As I really should have (or maybe I'm going senile) mentioned already, I've been doing some voluntary work over at GreenNet for the past couple of months. Well, I had a month-long gap due to exams and shit, but whatever. Basically the "work" consisted of setting up four dell Optiplexshitfuck 2003-era PCs in the building's basement, as a sort of internet cafe for anyone to use. My job was to:

a) get the PCs going. This basically meant finding the right combination of compatible RAM (trust me, there were lots of sticks around xD), making sure the whole thing worked, and installing Kubuntu 10.(...)

Two way fan controller

This is a circuit I designed yesterday. It incorporates the theory that if you connect a DC fan's ground to a +5V terminal, and its positive to a +12V, the voltage going through it will be 12 - 5 = +7V. This of course renders the fan nice and quiet but still functional, as opposed to tornado-like 12V or ineffective 5V.

My problem with using fans at a constant 7V though, would be the need to be able to turn them up to full speed, in case the PC overheats for whatever reason (sunny day, heavy load for long periods of time, ...). This is where the switches come in: most of the time, all of the(...)

More Stuff

Aside from my exams which I've been revising for recently (maths, physics, religious studies, spanish A level), I've also been doing quite a lot of server stuff.

For starters, here is a jQuery based calculator:

I also just coded a clock that functions as a jQuery plugin. Every ten seconds it fetches the time from the server using AJAX, then pushes it a second ahead each, well, second. This means that if it's a slow PC and JS deviates, it gets pushed 'back to reality' every ten seconds :)

[Yes, I have been getting really into jQuery and realized its awesomeness].

I've updated th(...)


For those that are interested, this software is no longer in beta status and is at version 2.0. The URL is the same, but there are less issues than this post implies.

I've never used twitter and never will do, ever, and that's just a fact. I don't have the time, and if I did, I'd use that time for something more worthwhile :)

BUT - and this is the subject of this post - I am developing my own version of twitter. However, it's for a very small scale site belonging to my friend's minecraft server (which is actually running on my server), but it works on the same basic concept: have a wall (...)


So, for the first time in my life I can say that I have installed Gentoo on my PC!

Was it worth the compile time? NO.

Am I glad I did it? Well, yes. It was an experience in the field of OSes in the 'compile everything' mentality. Maybe I'll try slackware next (I have no excuse not to what with LVM!).

Actually, it wasn't particularly hard to get running. Not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I actually had a functioning system with openssh running within a few hours - not including the time it took to convert Arch to the new LVM system (which is now all up and running) - in fact(...)

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