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Updates since starting college

This is going to be a long post. Many major events have occurred in my life since writing the last one.

My first year at college went well, mostly. Academically it was a huge success; I could not be happier with my AS results (other than the science practicals, which I got Bs at). Socially, since starting A2s I have been speaking to more people and been less tied down in my studies. This is partly because I have realised that A levels really are not that hard. Mathematics is a subject which has been exposed to me in a totally different way from what I was ever used to - but not by the A lev(...)

Started College

In the past month, more has happened than - I would say - the whole of 2011. Nope, I'm not talking about academic achievements / goals (October would be a bit early don't you think?); I am talking about my life in general.

The good news is that the change in life-experience-quality is positive, with a rather large modulus. Read on to find out more...

Time is rapidly diminishing...

Cornwall got cancelled. If there were a god of the weather, I would have to blame him, however the “god” of the weather is actually intricate series of partially-predictable physical patterns of air currents, pressure and temperature patterns, which sadly do not value me above the rest of humanity, and in fact do not value humanity at all.

Nevertheless, the sunshine was favourable in the other side of the country - the East - so we instead set off for a town named Stiffkey in north Norfolk, with our bikes and camping equipment. Apart from a few discussions (cough cough wheeze, cough), i(...)

Going back to Cornwall

Any prospect of a foreign holiday this summer has been quashed by the late arrival of my sister's passport, due to unknown circumstances relating to the photo.

I will, however, be off to a town near Land's End named Treen, where I stayed for three weeks in 2006. It's a beautiful place I admit, with amazing beaches, however I would rather stay at home were it not for my need to get out every few months at least. After staying too long in a city - especially one the size of London - I really need some fresh air if nothing else. Nevertheless, there are a few things to do there so it's not like(...)


If you read, or have read this blog in the past, you are probably thinking one of a few things:

Is Fela dead?
Has he gone to live in a cave with no internet access?
Does he not give a shit?
All of the above?

Well, none of those statements are quite true - except, perhaps, for the third, heh. The point is, I've neglected the site for over half a year and have only now got round to carrying out two jobs that desperately needed doing: firstly, revamping and updating the site to Drupal 7 - yes, the new look is more than just a theme - second, of course, to update the blog with this post. (...)

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