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Christmas preparation

Right, snow's over. Completely. That must mean christmas is due.

Went christmas shopping a stroke of luck, a gift came in the post that happened to be a book card of £10. I also had some other book tokens worth in total £15, so I only had to bring £20 from my own wallet, as I got *everything* in the book shop (Waterstones) for my family of five (well, four if you count me out - I don't generally buy myself christmas presents...) Actually, I only really spent £10 of real money, as I managed to get a couple of books quite cheap :) So this year's christmas wallet footprint hasn'(...)


I've been working on someone's music video for the past three or four weeks. It's quite a complicated song, featuring 10 people, mainly about Christmas and the people who've died getting stabbed/shot/etc. in hackney (called 'Still in our Hearts').

Well, I've had the role of editing it (as well as support filming), the deadline for release is christmas eve, so it's been quite stressful - especially as we can only really edit on Saturdays. However I finished editing today and it's final =)

The edit job was pretty complicated aswell, we used all sorts of effects, like snow falling (we got t(...)

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RT @LGBToryCanada: Robert #Mugabe, who claims 'filthy' gay people should be castrated, named #WHO Goodwill Ambassador