Drug Lords server?

There is a non white list PVP server called drug lords that changes the game of Minecraft. The game is cops and robbers, basically. It’s all about how the player gets food. You see, all of the drugs are represented by plants. IE: wheat = marijuana, sugar cane = cocaine, cactus = heroin, ext.  Players are divided into classes. Everyone starts out as a grower. Their job is to build a farm and sell the drugs to dealers in the sewer. Dealers have a shop in the sewer and sell the drugs that they buy from the grower to the admin shop.

Now, it is illegal to be in possession of any type of drug. The only problem is, you kinda need some food so you don’t starve. But food is illegal! What are you going to do now? Well, you could become a citizen and chop down trees or mine for stone and iron, but you will need some money to do that. You could become a police officer, but again, you will need money. Your only option is to grow drugs, so you don’t starve.

This server brings up some interesting points; they are best appreciated if you join the server and see for yourself.

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