Best Food in Minecraft?

Anyone who plays a survival game of Minecraft will know that food source is an important thing to have. There are many different types of food that a player can grow, some of them better than others. In this article, we are going to explore the pros and cons of the different types of food.

Before we go too far into this, let us end the suspense of the article and say that bread is the best resource. This statement is founded on a vote that was done on Reditt. It is the easiest to farm and it heals a decent amount of hunger. There are reasons to carry more than one type of food. For example, melons, which heal only one hunger, are more efficient if you only have one bar of health that you need to increase in order to be able to regenerate your health. It is inadvisable to do this with steak, because it heals more. For this reason, melons are not good in an emergency, because it does not heal very much. So, carry some steak, for emergencies, some melons for down time, and bread for things in between.

For players who are on their first night and do not have any food but need to eat, you can kill zombies and get their rotten flesh. You will not want use this as a permanent source, as eating rotten flesh makes you sick, and will end up making you hungrier faster after you have healed.

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