Notch Announces Mars Effect!

Notch has announced a new game, and it looks freaking awesome! It is a new science fiction game that is still very early in development, but will include: “Hard science fiction. Lots of engineering. Fully working computer system. Space battles against the AI or other players. A game ending that makes sense. Abandoned ships full of loot. Waist high walls. Seamlessly landing on planets. Advanced economy system. Mining, trading, and looting.”

Sound pretty fucking awesome, right? Well, fuck you! It’s just an April fools Joke! Pretty terrible, huh? We thought so too. The game, the fake game, is called, Mars Effect. Yes, Mars Effect. When commenting on the title of the game, Notch said, “After several weeks of trying to come up with a good name for the game, we finally decided not to learn from previous experiences and pick a name that’s already kind of in use by a huge existing franchise.”

But all pranks aside, we think, as well as a majority of the Minecraft community, that the general idea of the game is not a joke. We think (we hope) that the only part of this whole thing that was a prank was the title of the game. Which, in retrospect, was pretty damn funny. Mojang just better deliver on this game. It sounds too awesome.

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