Starting my own Minecraft server soon and have a question…

I think I’ve got all the details for what I’m putting together, but had a quick question for the experienced cats. Is there a service or database that you can see up with your current plugins that will then notify you when updates are pushed?

We’re looking at a smaller home server, how a Celeron chip, 32Gb of ram and a 500Gb SSD – figured that would do us and a few friends for quite a while, but I hear that some plugins (McMMO for example) update regularly and I’m trying to simplify the process.

A lot of the more popular plugins (mcMMO overhaul included) will usually have an automatic update check which will send alerts to admins when they log in if there is an update available.

I wouldn’t recommend a Celeron. I don’t know about the modern chips, but in the olden days 6-8 years ago maybe), they didn’t have very good math capabilities. Java Minecraft is pretty heavy on math.

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