My name is Fela, and I am a student studying Mathematics at Bristol university. This website is mainly a collection of old pictures, videos and other stuff. The blog posts are not meant to be taken seriously; moreover, as their age increases the amount of notice you should take of them approaches zero: that is to say, for all arbitrary post significance ε greater than zero, there exists a post count N such that for all n less than N, the nth post's significance will be less than ε. ;-)

I am a political person. I am:

  • Pro-human rights: all people deserve to live in a free society.
  • Pro-democracy: in virtually any war between a democracy and a tyranny, I support the democracy. I want to end tyranny on Earth.
  • Pro-science: the values of reason, evidence and scepticism are our best source of knowledge and enlightenment, and when combined with democracy, guard against the possibility of war, racism, genocide and hatred.
  • Pro-secularism: freedom from and of religion in equal measure.
  • Liberal: within reason, what people do on their own or consensually does not bother me, and should not bother you.
  • Capitalist: capitalism gives money to people by free trade and merit, rather than simply by birth. All attempts to replace capitalism with something else have made people less free and less equal and less prosperous, not more.
  • Pro-West: it was the West which started the worldwide revolution for human freedom, ended slavery for the first time in history, and discovered much of what we know about the world. The US and UK (and their allies Canada and Australia) have been the countries to stand most consistently against totalitarianism. Western values should be adopted by everybody.
  • Anti-UN: a depraved organisation which counts abject tyrannies as member states, giving voice to barbarians and fascists. One of the largest UN bloc votes comes from the tyrants' club the OIC. China and Russia both possess security council vetoes. The deaths of tyrants, rather than being celebrated as they should be, are mourned. I also oppose the African Union (a collection of thugs, war criminals, mass-murderers, slavers and other oppressors), and the Arab League, for similar reasons.
  • Pro-US military: the world would be significantly worse, not better, without it. Without the US, democracy would not exist.

New domain!

This website has changed its name, from SixteenNet to Fela.london! This coincides well with the fact that I no longer live at any number 16.

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